Rapidrop -15mm (1/2” NPT) K115 (K8.0) Upright and Pendant Sprinklers (4.52)

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Product Description

Rapidrop RD052/RD053 SSP and RD054/RD055 SSU are Standard/Quick Response frangible glass bulb automatic sprinklers. They are FM approved and UL listed, standard orifice fire sprinklers for installation in fire sprinkler systems. Sprinklers produce a hemispherical water distribution pattern below the deflector. In a fire condition the heat causes the fluid in the glass bulb to expand which shatters the glass and releases the spring seal assembly. Water flows from the orifice onto the sprinkler deflector which diffuses the water into a uniform spray pattern which extinguishes or controls the fire.


Standard Response

RD052 Pendent
RD054 Upright


Quick Response

RD053 Pendent
RD055 Upright


Standard Finishes

Plain (Natural)
White - Epoxy Powder Polyester
Other RAL colours, available on request.

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