Chuông kết hợp đèn chớp địa chỉ màu đỏ dòng 6000 (6000/SSR/VAD)

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  • LED Technology for Long Service Life
  • Quick and Simple to Install
  • FAST™ Addressing
  • Loop Powered and Integral Short Circuit Isolator
  • High Output Electronic Sounder
  • 2.4 Metres (m) Mounting Height
  • Adjustable 3m to 7m Room Coverage Volume
  • Approved to EN54 Part 3, 17 & 23

The Protec 6000/SSR/VAD is a loop driven, addressable high intensity Visual Alarm Device (VAD) with up to 7m x 7m room coverage and a high output electronic sounder with up to 100dB(A) at 1m. Combining the two functions in one compact high efficiency design improves the aesthetic appearance and simplifies the installation of the device.

By utilising the Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 protocol, the 6000/SSR/VAD offers best in class performance in terms of flexibility, power consumption, sound output and visual indication.

The device is categorised for installation at a height of up to 2.4m and coverage of 7m x 7m W-2.4-7 adjustable down to 3m for smaller room coverage. Similarly the tone and volume options are also selectable by the control panel.

The product has a unique lens that distributes the light in a cuboid shape to achieve the required illumination of 0.4lux over the entire area in accordance with EN54 Part 23.

The design is based on LED technology for long life, reliability and low power consumption.

The 6000/SSR/VAD has a EN24-23 Type B (outdoor) + IP65 rating making the product suitable for mounting internally or externally.

Compliant with DDA legislation, this high intensity VAD warns those with hearing impairments or in noisy environments.

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