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Mã sản phẩm : 6000PLUS/OPHTCO

  • Multiple Technology Sensor
  • Combined Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Sensors
  • Ideal Multi-Application Sensor
  • Day/Night Operation
  • Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000PLUS Protocol
  • Devices Display Address Number
  • FAST™ Addressing
  • Unprecedented False Alarm Rejection


Interactive addressable high performance optical smoke, heat and carbon monoxide multisensor. The ultimate in multi-sensor technology, providing a formidable weapon in the pursuit of reliable fire detection and the avoidance of unwanted or false alarms.

The sensor provides total confidence that when initiated, there really is a fire threat. The sensor incorporates infra-red light scattering for smoke detection, with thermal enhancement of the optical sensitivity, temperature detection equivalent to grade A2, and a third channel incorporating a carbon monoxide (CO) sensing element.

The combination of optical smoke, heat and carbon monoxide gas sensing technology within one fire detector head provides the ideal solution. The sensor can now detect free burning chemical fires, fires producing smoke and low levels of CO and heat, to deep seated smouldering fires, which produce little heat and smoke but large amounts of CO.

Combining the results from all sensing channels enables rapid fire detection with rejection of false alarms and increased sensor reliability.

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