EZ-Path® Series 22 Fire-Rated Pathway

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Download Catalogue Safety Data Sheet: Tải tại đây
Physical Properties
Shell Composition 0.059” (1.5 mm) Gal. Steel
Cable Loading Area 1-1/4 sq. in. (nom.) (8.06 cm2)
Allowable Cable Fill 100% Visual
Fire Resistance Ratings 1 and 2 Hour
Expansion Begins 350ºF (177Cº)
Volume Expansion 25X
Sample Cable Volume Average od of 0.236" (Cat 6) 15 (nom.)
In-Service Temp. –10ºF (–23ºC) – 120ºF (49ºC)
Storage Temp. Less than 120º (49ºC)
Shelf Life No Limit
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Zalo Công ty Cổ phần Đầu tư Xây dựng Firezone Việt Nam