Rapidrop -Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler 15mm (4.6, 4.8)

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Model RD001/ RD002, Standard/ Quick Response Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers are automatic sprinklers of the frangible bulb type, and standard spray, ½” orifice, 5/3 mm bulb. They are “standard/ quick response – standard orifice sidewall sprinklers” intended for use in fire sprinkler systems designed in accordance with the standard installation rules recognized by the applicable Listing or Approval agency (e.g. UL Listing is based on NFPA 13 requirements).


Horizontal sidewall sprinklers are generally used in lieu of pendent and upright sprinklers because of building construction or installation economy considerations. They are designed for installation along a wall or the side of a beam and just beneath a smooth ceiling. Installed with their centreline of waterway horizontal, these sprinklers produce a quarter-spherical water discharge pattern that is predominately directed downward and outward from the deflector; however, a portion of the spray is also directed towards the back wall.


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