Rapidrop -K3.0 Residential Flat Concealed Low Flow Pendent. Model RD207 (4.24)

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The model RD207 residential flat concealed sprinklers are automatic sprinklers of the compressed fusible solder type. These are decorative and fast response. The cover plate assembly hides the deflector, heat responsive element etc., which is in turn concealed above the ceiling. The cover plate has a flat profile, and its diameter is extremely small (2-5/8 inch, 68mm). The push-on and/or thread-on, thread-off design of the concealed cover plate assembly allows easy installation of the cover plate. Therefore, the model RD207 should be your first choice when aesthetics is the major consideration for ultimate appeal and unbeatable performance is desired. The Model RD207 is designed for the residential occupancies and it is perfect for use in homes, hotels and other living quarters.

Model RD207 is to be used in wet pipe residential sprinkler systems for one and two Family Dwellings and manufactured homes per NFPA 13D; wet pipe residential sprinkler systems for residential occupancies up to and including four Stories in height per NFPA 13R; or, wet pipe sprinkler systems for the residential portions of any occupancies per NFPA 13. Model RD207 has a 3.0 (43.2 LPM/ √ bar) K-Factor that meets the required residential flow rates with minimal residual pressure, which allows for smaller pipe sizes and water supply requirements. For extended installation flexibility, the model RD207 provides 1/2 inch (12.8mm) vertical adjustment. This adjustment in installation decreases the need for precise cutting of the pipe, that drops to the sprinkler and allows for a perfect fit with a range of pipe lengths. The heat sensitivity and water distribution design of model RD207 allows for an increased chance of residents’ escape or evacuation in case of fire. However, residential fire sprinkler systems are not a substitute for fire safety awareness or fire safety construction required by building codes.

“Lead Free” is defined in the reduction of lead in drinking water act (S.3874) endorsed by AWWA’s water utility council, and California assembly bill #1953 as having less than or equal to a weighted average of 0.25% lead in wetted surface of pipes, plumbing fittings and fixtures.


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