Rapidrop -K5.6 Flush Pendent Sprinkler. Model RD103 (4.13)

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K5.6 Flush Pendent Sprinkler. Model RD103 (4.13)



General Description
The Model RD103 Flush Pendent Sprinklers are automatic sprinklers of the compressed fusible solder type. They are decorative, low profile, flush mounted sprinklers. The Frame and Cover of the sprinkler hide the Deflector and Gasket assemblies.

The Model RD103 is designed for use in Commercial occupancies.
When aesthetics is the major consideration, the Model RD103 should be your first choice.

They are to be used in wet pipe sprinkler systems per NFPA 13.
The Model RD103 has a 5.6 (80.0) K-factor.

The Flush design of the Model RD103 features a separable escutcheon providing 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) vertical adjustment.

This adjustment reduces the accuracy to which the fixed pipe drops to the sprinklers must be cut to help assure a perfect fit installation.
The Model RD103 has been designed with heat sensitivity (Quick
Response) and water distribution characteristics proven to help in the control of fires to improve the chance for occupants to escape or be evacuated. However, fire sprinkler systems are not a substitute for intelligent fire safety awareness or fire safety construction required by building codes.


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