Module báo cháy địa chỉ 6000/LCM

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  • Loop Powered Single Zone Fire Alarm • Reduced Incidence of False Alarms in Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Local ‘Mute’ facility to Silence Unwanted Alarms
  • Local‘Disable’ Facility to Isolate Local Detectors and Sounders
  • Simple One Button Operation
  • Fully Monitored
  • Low Current
  • Integral Short Circuit Isolator
  • Protec Algo-TecTM 6000 Protocol
  • Approved to EN54 Part 17 & 18



The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 Local Control Module has been designed to allow easy integration of Protec Addressable Fire Detection systems into Houses in Multiple Occupancy and offers novel features to reduce false and nuisance alarms.

The unit effectively operates as a stand alone fire alarm control panel monitoring detectors and driving sounders in a zone. An automatic detector activation on the zone instigates a search timer to allow the cause of the alarm to be investigated, and dealt with locally, prior to signalling a full alarm to the building fire alarm system.
The unit is loop powered and reports its status back to the master panel at regular intervals.


The device monitors the detection zone for activations, if one occurs the following decisions are taken.

  • If the activation is due to an MCP the device will immediately signal a fire condition to the host panel. This will then activate the unit and the local sounders will sound. The Local alarm LED on the unit will be illuminated.
  • If the activation is due to an automaticdevice being triggered, a ‘search’ time of one minute will be started before the system is put into alarm.

If the mute button is pressed before the search time expires the fire signal to the host panel is delayed by up to 2 minutes. If the zone returns to normal within this time no further action is taken.

If the mute button is pressed prior to an activation an ‘isolated’ period of 15 minutes is instigated. If the mute button is pressed again during the ‘isolated’ period the device returns to normal.

An internal buzzer sounds 15 seconds prior to either the muted or the isolated period expiring.

If the mute button is pressed during the 15 second expiry period the original time-out of 2 or 15 minutes is re-set.

If the master panel has a fire activation the device can be programmed to activate the sounder outputs, this overrides any muted, or isolated state.

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