Protec ProPointPlus Aspirating Smoke Detectors

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  • 1 - 4 Individual detectors per aspirator (providing up to 4 separately identifiable areas)
  • High performance optical ‘Scatter Chamber Detectors’ (SCD)


  • High performance optical ‘Scatter Chamber Detectors’ (SCD) and enhanced CO detection
  • Multiple language, multi-function LCD display
  • Simple install and commission process without the need for a laptop connection
  • Simple Class A, Class B, Class C and Prison sensitivity configuration set up
  • Inbuilt algorithm to avoid unwanted alarms
  • Airflow monitoring per pipe

ProPointPlus Optical ‘Smoke’ and ‘Smoke/CO’ detection 

Aspirating detection is now a recognised solution for many different fire detection applications. ProPointPlus provides up to four separate detectors within a common aspirator enclosure and therefore provides four individually identifiable areas of detection per aspirator.

Each of the four plug-in ‘Scatter Chamber Detectors’ (SCD)’s detector modules can be either ‘optical’ only or combined

‘optical/enhanced CO’ detectors for small single room applications. Independent and integrated alarm decision making through the use of complex algorithms extend the range of particle detection, confirm genuine alarms and reduce unwanted alarms.

Installation, configuration and commissioning of ProPointPlus detectors is very simple and installer friendly.

Configuration to either Class A, Class B or Class C sensitivity options is achieved through a multi-language, multi-function LCD display without the need for a laptop connection.

Detector set up allows the installer to configure the detector sensitivity to exactly the same equivalent as a known number of point type smoke detectors for each Class A, Class B and Class C system. This ensures the system specifier, designer, installer and commissioning engineer configure the ProPointPlus SCD’s to the correct sensitivity for the particular application.

Aspirator fan speed and airflow configuration is a also a very simple process allowing ProPointPlus aspirating detectors to be installed in a variety of applications with short and relatively long pipe runs.

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